Aqua Lung Sport Seaboard Water Shoes

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- 2mm neoprene uppers

- Lined nylon mesh panels allow air and water but not sand

- Octo-sole for great wet or dry traction

- Sole is PVC free & EVA inserts won't waterlog

  • Aqua Lung Sport is to be commended for the design of their Seaboard Water Shoe as they have taken something traditional and raised the bar. The materials are comprised of 2mm neoprene uppers which are a stretchy nylon laminate for comfort and a measure of thermal insulation. The nylon mesh allows air and water circulation at the arch of the sole. The lined mesh inside helps keep sand from entering and the lower portion of the uppers are a waffled neoprene material that allows for air ventilation and water circulation. The Octo-Sole design of the sole portion of the watershoe is designed to provide excellent traction, even on wet surfaces. Included are toe and heel bumpers make them great in rocky areas. The Octo-Sole material used in the sole is PVC free. The EVA foam inserts makes them resistant to soaking up water, crack resistant and is not affected by UVB rays.

    While many manufacturers only make water shoes in male sizing Aqua Lung Sport recognizes that there is a definite difference between male and female feet and the Seaboard Watershoes are available in both sizing. The female has a whimsical silkscreen design on the outside side panel and the stitching is highlighted by the use of powder blue thread. The male shoe has a muted gray silkscreen shark fin design with muted gray stitching. Both male and female water shoe also have a generous finger loop on the heel making them easy to slip into whether wet or dry.

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