US Divers Replace Fin Straps & Buckles - Single Strap

- Basic style, no bells or whistles

- Strap with padded heels for comfort

- Strap with padded heels and ankle leash straps

- Sold as a single strap with buckle system

  • Fin straps do break and sometimes finding a replacement can be a harrowing experience as manufacturers make only straps that will fit only their fin design. The U.S. Divers Replacement Fin Straps will fit their Trek Travel Fins, Blast II fins and the Shredder Fins. They also fit Aqua Lung Sport Trek Fins as well as the Deep See Aqua Glide Fins and will fit almost any fin that has the bolt type attachment point. Sold as one single strap, they come complete with the buckle attachments installed.

    For those that do not have the fins listed above, the bolt that the buckle system will work on is 5/8" and the outside dimension is 2 1/8". Hope that helps.

    The Basic Design - This strap is the most common replacement strap. The no frills design consists of the plasticized rubber strap and basic buckle attachments.

    Deluxe Design - The straps use a premium rubber material and incorporates a splash of accent color. The rubber used makes it stretchier and easier to adjust than the basic design. 

    Padded Heel Design - A neoprene pad is what differentiates these straps from the basic design which protects the heel from chaffing and blisters which can sometimes be caused by straps. - SOLD OUT AT THIS TIME

    Padded with Leash Design - U.S. divers took the padded heel design and added the security of an ankle strap or leash. This style is great for those that use fins for surfing or other related watersports. The leash keeps the fins from getting lost should the slip off for some reason. The leash is adjustable and uses a male to female squeeze clip buckle for easy on/off.

  • To remove the old strap/buckle, lift the fin strap to the top of the fin, go to one of the buckles and push down on the buckle until you hear a "click" and then pull the strap up and away. To put the new buckle on the fin, you will notice that there is a large and small circle opening. Place the large opening (circle) on the post of the fin, then pull the buckle towards you until you hear a "click". Repeat on the other side and you are ready to go. For those that are a visual person, watch our video.

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