US Divers Paradise Dry Snorkel

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- Submersible dry top with Pivot Dry Technology

- Hypoallergenic not-replaceable silicone mouthpiece

- Full Flex section with purge valve for easy clearing

The concept of a dry design snorkel is simple, it keeps water from entering the breathing tube while at the surface as well as when you go beneath the water. The U.S. Divers Paradise Dry Snorkel uses the "Pivot Dry Technology". The dry top is shielded from water that may be caused by splashing, from rain or choppy surf and is located in the middle of that shield. It comes into play when the top goes below the surface of the water. The mechanism rocks forward to seal against the bore of the breathing tube effectively sealing it. When the mechanism returns to above the waterline, it goes back to quickly and efficiently open the breathing tube again.

There is an oversized purge valve at the base of the snorkel. When the mouthpiece drops below the waterline (when not in use) it makes clearing that water much easier. The breathing tube is ergonomically designed to curve along the contour of the head to help keep it streamlined. The non-replaceable mouthpiece on the U.S. Divers Paradise Dry Snorkel uses a soft and supple silicone for exceptional comfort.

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