US Divers Kids Dorado Mask, Snorkel, ProFlex Fins & Bag

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 Boys - USA  9 - 13  1 - 4
 Girls - USA  11.5 - 2.5  2.5 - 5.5

  • The U.S. Divers Dorado Mask features two tempered glass viewing lenses which are set into a durable frame. On both sides of the frame are clear which allows excellent light penetration into the viewing area as well as giving a bit extra peripheral vision. Both the skirt and the adjustable strap use sturdy PVC in their construction for both comfort and fit. The wider sealing surface allows a range of fit for a variety of young facial sizes. The strap is easy to adjust and uses a swivel feature for better placement on the head.

    The Seabreeze Jr snorkel is of the semi dry variety which means that top of the tube is shielded against splashed water. If the entire unit goes below the surface of the water the breathing tube will fill up with water but a short sharp exhalation will force that out through the one way purge valve located at the bottom of the unit. The mouthpiece portion is a fixed position style but it swivels for a comfortable fit. Instead of silicone, the non-replaceable mouthpiece uses an inexpensive durable PVC material.

    The fins chosen to help round out this kid terrific ensemble are the Proflex Jr. They are an adjustable barefoot style strap design whose soft foot pocket will cradle their feet in comfort while the adjustable strap means that they won't be growing out of it 5 minutes after they have worn it. The straps are replaceable should there be a need to and the buckle system is simple and uncomplicated.

    Keep it all together with the mesh snorkel bag that is included. The mesh allows for water from wet gear to drain out of it while allowing air to circulate throughout to assist with drying. The bag has a top zip closure with an adjustable single padded shoulder strap. The material used is quick drying nylon and the bag measures 18 inches in length by 10 inches in width.

  • Kids Dorado Mask

    - Low volume 2 window design

    - Tempered glass for safety with lightweight frame

    - Easy adjust Pro-Glide buckles for easy adjustment

    Kids Seabreeze Snorkel

    - Semi-dry design

    - Contoured barrel is ergonomically shaped for youth and small adults

    - Childs PVC mouthpiece

    Kids Proflex Fins

    - Foot pocket is ergonomic in design

    - Larger blade for powerful response while kicking

    - Built in vents help to reduce drag during entire kick cycle

    Mesh Bag Included

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