US Divers Kids Buzz Mask, Dry Snorkel, Hingeflex Fins

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  • This U.S. Divers Kids Buzz Mask, Island Dry Jr. Snorkel and Hingeflex Fins is a budget conscious way to introduce your young one to the world beneath the waves. This is specifically designed for youths age 6 and older. The mask uses dual tempered glass lenses for safety. They are set into a lightweight but durable frame with a soft pvc mask skirt. The replaceable mask strap uses the same material and the buckle adjustments are easy to operate.

    The Island Dry Junior snorkel features a pivot dry top which closes off the breathing tube should the entire snorkel go below the waterline while in active use. It reopens when the top of the snorkel goes above the surface. The entire snorkel is curved to keep it streamlined and the softer pvc mouthpiece though not replaceable is durable. There is a one way purge valve at the bottom of the snorkel to easily clear any water prior to use.

    The Hingeflex fins are adjustable barefoot styling whose composite foot pockets hug your child's feet in comfort. The blade length and flexibility are perfect for young leg muscles. The adjustable strap is replaceable should the need arise and the adjustment buckles allow fit for a greater range of foot sizes. See sizing chart to determine the size range for your child.

    The mesh bag that comes with this set will hold all the equipment and keep it neat-as-can-be. It features a top zip closure and a single strap shoulder carry so your little one can proudly carry their own personal snorkeling gear. There are nylon mesh panels that allow water to drain and let air circulate through the bag to aid in drying.

  • Kids Buzz Mask

    - Softer PVC mask skirt fits a range of smaller faces

    - Dual tempered glass lenses for safety

    - Easy-to-adjust buckle system

    - Replaceable mask strap

    Kids Laguna Dry Snorkel

    - Dry snorkel pivot top feature with streamlined ergonomic style

    - Non replaceable softer PVC mouthpiece

    - One way purge valve at snorkel base

    Kids Hingeflex Fins

    - Adjustable strap bare foot design

    - Soft foot pocket

    - 14 and 15 inches in length

    - Pivot-Flex Technology for easy kicking

    Mesh Carry Bag Included

    - Zippered top closure with single shoulder strap carry

    - Nylon mesh panels allow water to drain

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