US Divers Kids Flare Mask, Dry Snorkel, Minnow Fins

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  • This US Divers Kids snorkeling set is an excellent way to get your child intrigued with the world beneath the waves. It is a complete set which includes the Flare Jr LX Mask, Piper Dry Snorkel, Minnow adjustable fins and carry bag.

    This mask is specifically designed to fit children's faces ages 6 years and older. The mask skirt is smaller and narrower than adult masks. The hypoallergenic silicone used in the mask skirt is so soft and comfortable on the face. This is a two window styling which uses tempered glass lenses for safety. Adjusting the replaceable silicone mask skirt is uncomplicated and the buckle system uses a unique quick release that allows the buckle to swivel for proper mask strap placement.

    This is a dry snorkel which means if the top of the snorkel goes beneath the waterline while it is being actively used, The breathing barrel will seal closed before any water gets into it. The breathing barrel is shorter than an adult snorkel and is curved to keep it streamlined in the water. The non replaceable child sized mouthpiece uses durable PVC which makes it less likely to chew through. There is a one way purge valve at the bottom of the snorkel which makes clearing of any water which may have gotten in when the snorkel was not being used easy to clear out. There is also an emergency whistle that is incorporated into the base of the snorkel. Please instruct your child that this is for emergency use only.

    Measuring 14 inches for the small and 15 inches for the larger size, the Minnow Fins are perfect for travel. They are an adjustable strap design which will accommodate a range of foot sizes. Please refer to size chart when ordering. These are made to be worn barefoot and the soft rubber of the foot pocket and the slingshot strap design cradle your precious one's feet in comfort.

    All of the fantastic snorkeling gear listed above fits perfectly into it's own carry bag. Your child will be proud to carry their very own snorkeling gear in this bag because it has it's own adjustable single shoulder strap as well as a hand carry strap. The bag measures 17 inches in length by 8 inches in width and 4.50 inches in depth which leaves room for other small essentials you might want to have along. It features a zipper closure, pvc coated mesh along the sides and bottom, nylon mesh panels on the upper and lower front of the unit and an internal mesh mask pocket.

  • Kids Flare Mask

    - Twin Tempered glass lenses are used for safety

    - Soft hypoallergenic silicone mask skirt with double seal

    - Silicone replaceable adjustment strap

    - Swivel buckles for proper strap placement

    Kids Pipper Dry Snorkel

    - Dry Top feature keeps water out when in use

    - Non-replaceable PVC mouthpiece with purge valve

    - Streamlined design with easy clip snorkel keeper

    - Built in Emergency Whistle

    Kids Minnow Fins

    - Adjustable strap bare foot design

    - Soft foot pocket

    - 14 and 15 inches in length

    Deluxe Carry Bag

    - Zippered closure with carry handle with adjustable over the shoulder strap

    - Dimensions: 17" x 8" x 4" fits gear with room left over

    - Reinforced PVC coated mesh on sides and bottom with nylon mesh front panels

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