US Divers Kids Regal Mask, Dry Snorkel & Trigger Fins

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  • Quality product at an economical price is what you get with this mask, fins and snorkel youth set from U.S. Divers. Inside the mesh bag you will find the Regal Junior Mask, Laguna Dry Snorkel and Trigger Fins. This great set is specifically designed for the youth from age 6 years and older, but please go by the fin sizing.

    The mask is a two window styling with both windows made from tempered glass. Their shape allows for a better field of vision both horizontally and vertically. The mask skirt and the adjustable mask strap are made using a soft PVC material and the wide double seal allows fit for a range of youth sized faces. The Pro-Glide buckle assembly is attached directly to the mask skirt which allows for fit that is more true. The buckle adjustment is easy to manipulate for both smaller and larger hands, the top push buttons can be adjusted while being worn. The mask strap is replaceable.

    The Laguna Dry Snorkel also uses soft PVC in the construction of the non-replaceable mouthpiece. The snorkel has a fixed position which makes it more ergonomic in design. The dry top feature is based on U.S. Divers Pivot Dry Technology and the purpose is to close off the breathing tube itself should the top of the snorkel drop below the surface of the water then reopens the tube when it goes above the waterline. The Laguna does have a one way purge valve located at the base of the snorkel which is intended for clearing water that may have entered the snorkel through the mouthpiece area prior to initial use. The snorkel keeper is designed with a lever action that makes connecting and disconnecting it from the mask very simple. There is a built in emergency whistle at the base of the snorkel as well. It should be noted that the whistle is to be used for emergency situations only as it is recognized as an in water distress signal.

    The Kids Trigger Fins included in this package are a barefoot strap fin design which uses a softer rubber for the foot pockets to cradle your young ones feet in comfort. The strap uses the same material for increased comfort, replaceable and very simple to adjust. Having the adjustable strap allows to accommodate a wider range of youth foot sizing (which is also considered adult sizing).

    The mesh bag rounds out this set and is of a single shoulder back pack design. The nylon web strap is adjustable with a sliding shoulder pad for comfort. The zippered closure helps to keep everything in the bag and the nylon mesh allows for both air to circulate and water from wet gear to drain out of the bag. There is an internal mesh pocket located near the top of the bag to keep the mask easily accessible.

    This set is a great way to introduce your young ones to the beauty and wonder that abounds beneath the water's surface.

  • Kids Regal Mask

    - Twin Tempered glass lenses are used for safety

    - Skirt made of a PVC material a double seal

    - Easy adjust Pro-Glide buckle system for easy adjustments

    Kids Laguna Dry Snorkel

    - Dry Top feature keeps water out when in use

    - Non-replaceable PVC mouthpiece with purge valve

    - Streamlined design with easy clip snorkel keeper

    - One way purge valve for easy clearing

    Kids Trigger Fins

    - Adjustable strap bare foot design

    - Soft foot pocket

    - 14 and 15 inches in length

    Mesh Carry Bag Included

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