Tusa Sport Mask, Dry Snorkel, Travel Fins & Deluxe Bag

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  • This Tusa Sport Serene or Visio Tri-Ex Travel Set is perfect for the snorkeler that is on the go. It consists of either the Serene (pink) or the Visio Tri-Ex (blue or red) Mask with matching Hyperdry Elite Snorkel, Travel Fins and Bag.

    Both the the Serene (UM16) and the Visio (UM31) share many of the same features which include a single ClearVu tempered glass lens allowing you an unobstructed view. Both mask skirts use high quality surgical grade black silicone which is hypoallergenic and extremely comfortable on your face. The sealing portion of the skirt features a rounded edge which adds support and minimizes pressure on your face. The adjustment buckles are easy to operate and have a 5 position ratchet that allows you a more precise fit. The silicone replaceable mask strap has a 3 dimensional design which follows your head's natural curvature. While both share all of these features, the Visio mask does have have some unique differences. Tusa Sport added 2 domed side windows which offer a 168 degree horizontal field of view and the lower portion of the mask skirt is ribbed with multi thickness silicone which adds even more support to keep the frame from pushing against your face.

    The Hyperdry Elite Dry Snorkel (USP250) uses the Tusa responsive Hyperdry top. It not only shields the breathing tube from splashed water but also closes off the tube should the entire unit go below the waterline while you are using it. The black silicone drop away flex tube keeps the lower portion out of the way when not in use. Initial clearing of water is made easy thanks to the oversized purge valve at the base. It also comes with a protective mouthpiece cover to keep unwanted objects from entering the snorkel when not in use.

    The Travel Fins (UF21) utilize long blade fin technology in a compact travel size design. The size small measures only 14" in length making them perfect for traveling. The barefoot strap fin design provides the utmost in comfort for your feet. Tusa Sport manufactured the replaceable adjustment straps out of silicone rather than rubber for even greater comfort. The Serene travel set is available in pink only with a choice of either small or medium fins while the Visio Tri-Ex Travel set is available in blue or red with a choice of either medium or large fins.

    The Tusa Reef Tourer Deluxe Snorkel Bag will keep your equipment together. The main compartment has a "U" shaped corrosion resistant zipper. The 19 inch base of the bag tapers to 7.5 inches at the top and is 5 inches depth. There is a 8 x 5 inch hook and loop closure front pocket and a nylon mesh side pocket. The bag includes a single adjustable shoulder strap and the pvc coated mesh panels allow for water to drain.

  • Visio or Serene Mask

    - Both masks use 100% Hypoallergenic black silicone skirt and strap

    - Both masks have ClearVu single lens tempered glass with round edged skirt adds support and better comfort

    - Three dimensional replaceable strap on both masks and have 5 position ratchet easy adjust buckles

    - Visio Tri-Ex mask has 2 domed side windows for a 168 degree field of view

    - Ribbed silicone supporting the lower portion of the skirt

    Hyperdry Elite Dry Snorkel

    - Responsive dry top closes tube upon complete submersion

    - Hypoallergenic black silicone flex tube and mouthpiece

    - Mouthpiece shield for storage and oversized purge valve

    Travel Fins

    - Long blade technology in a short blade design Center thrust panel

    - Adjustable barefoot strap design

    - Soft foot pocket for extreme comfort

    - Silicone replaceable fin strap

    Reef Tourer Deluxe Carry Bag

    - Measures 19.5" length x 11" W (bottom) 7" W (top) x 5" D

    - PVC Coated bottom nylon mesh panel for drainage

    - Dual glider zipper closure

    - Single adjustable hide-away shoulder strap and hand carry handle

    - 7.5 "x 5 inch front external pocket with hook and loop closure

    - 8"x 5" external nylon mesh side pocket with elastic opening


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