Tilos Mask, Dry Snorkel, Travel Fins for Wide Feet & Mesh Bag

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 Shoe Size  Small/Medium  Large/XLarge
 Mens  5 - 8.5  9 - 14
 Ladies  6.5 - 10  10.5+

  • The Tilos Fantasia Mask is low volume that uses tempered glass in its dual viewing windows. The skirt and the strap are both made of soft and supple silicone which is hypoallergenic and quite durable. The skirt uses a wide gasket type double seal to accommodate a broader range of facial sizes and the adjustable strap is replaceable. The buckles used to adjust the strap for your personal fit are very easy to operate.

    The Sleek Dry Snorkel will seal off the tube when the top of the snorkel drops below the water. It is ergonomic in design with the lower portion being pre-curved for consistent placement. The mouthpiece uses high quality crystal hypoallergenic silicone and is replaceable. The purge valve at the base of the snorkel helps you clear any water prior to initial use and the two piece snorkel keeper makes putting the snorkel on your mask easier than the traditional clip styles.

    If you have a hard time finding fins because of your foot width, you will really appreciate the Tilos Getaway Fins. The adjustable open heel is designed with wider feet in mind from widths E, EE, EEE and even EEEE. The material used in the foot pocket itself is soft and comfortable enough for you to wear barefoot. The replaceable fin straps are easy to adjust and the blades are of a composite material for increased power and flexibility without requiring more effort from you. The side rails keep the water on the blades and channel it toward the tips to provide excellent thrust.

    We have rounded out this excellent set with a 24" x 14" nylon mesh carry bag with a drawstring closure which makes everything easy to transport and store.

  • Fantasia Mask

    - Two window design

    - Silicone skirt with adjustable buckles

    - Tempered glass for safety with lightweight frame

    Sleek Dry Snorkel

    - Dry top to keep water out

    - Replaceable silicone mouthpiece for comfort

    - Purge valve on the base of snorkel

    Getaway Fins

    - Open heel design to be worn with or without boots

    - Larger foot pocket accomodates wide feet for comfort, up to size 14 EEE

    - Longer blade for a more powerful kick

    - Performance is enhanced with 2 materials used in the construction of the blades

    Mesh Bag Included

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