Tilos Kids Cosmo Mask, Dry Snorkel, Glide Fins & Bag

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  • The Tilos Kids Cosmo Snorkeling Set uses the highest quality of materials in the construction of each piece, the same that you as an adult would both want and expect when buying gear for yourself.

    A sturdy frame design combined with a single lens tempered glass lens make the Tilos Kids Cosmos Purge Mask, the parent's choice. The mask skirt and adjustable strap use hypoallergenic silicone which is soft and comfortable. Silicone creates a seal that is infinitely better than other materials used in lesser quality gear. There is a one way purge valve located at the base of the nose pocket which is a great way to teach your young one to get rid of little bits of water that may get in while they are having fun. The buckle system is attached to the skirt rather than to the mask frame which offers a more natural fit. Operation of the buckle adjustment is a quick release feature that allows for fast and easy strap replacement if necessary. 

    The Tilos Kids Oracle Dry Snorkel has a dry top that effectively seals the barrel when the top of the snorkel drops below the waterline while actively being used. This keeps water from rushing down the tube and re-opens once the top goes above the waterline. The purge valve at the base clears water out of the mouthpiece which is a soft PVC material and is made specifically for kid sized mouths.

    The Tilos Glide Junior Fins are an open heeled strap design which makes them very kid friendly. The foot pockets and adjustable fin straps use a softer rubber instead of plastic which feels great on bare feet. The straps are easy to adjust and can be easily replaced as an assembly if needed. The vented design and flexible fin blades reduce drag in the water which increases efficiency with every kick with reduced stress to the leg muscles. Don't let the light-weight of the fin fool you, the Glide Jr. fins are durable and kid tough.

    Included is a handy kid size corded backpack style mesh bag with drawstring closure. The bag measures 20 inches in length and 11 inches in width which is a perfect fit for this mask, fins and snorkel set. The nylon mesh allows water from wet gear to drain and allows air to circulate. The nylon cord of the drawstring closure is uniquely incorporated to be pare of the backpack design and the barrel lock closure helps to keep the gear in the bag.

  • Kids Cosmo Mask

    - Junior design fits kids or adults with narrow faces

    - Rugged frame design with tempered glass lens

    - Single lens provides excellent vision

    - Crystal silicone mask skirt and strap

    - Quick release buckles located on skirt for compact storage

    Kids Oracle Dry Snorkel

    - Designed to provide dry breathing for snorkelers

    - Prompt clearing through bottom drain valve

    - Quick release adjustable snorkel keeper

    Kids Glide Fins

    - Drag reducing vented open heel snorkeling fin

    - Lightweight flexible durable blade

    - Quick-release buckle / adjustable strap

    Mesh Carry Bag

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