Tilos Getaway Travel Fins for Wide or Large Feet - SML/MED

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 Getaway Fins Shoe Size Chart  Small/Medium  Large/XLarge
 Mens - USA  5 - 8.5  9 - 14
 Ladies - USA  6.5 - 10  10+

  • If you are one of the percentage of snorkelers that have had to forgo wearing fins or are constantly having to force your feet into your regular width fins, then you should take a look at our Snorkel Fins for Wide Feet, the Tilos Getaway Fins.

    The Tilos Getaway Fins are an open heel adjustable strap design whose foot pocket is very forgiving for those people with wide feet, E to EEE width shoe sizing. We do know people who are a 15EEE who are able to wear these.You may wear them barefoot or they may be worn with a soft sole neoprene boots or water socks. Those with average shoe size widths would have to wear wet suit boots or booties to get the proper fit. They are great for traveling as the overall lengths measure just 18 inches for the small/medium size and 21 inches for the large/extra large size.

    The fin blades are designed with side rails which help to channel the water toward the tip rather than having the water slide off the sides and there are two additional raised rails that further channel the water to where it is most productive. The blades are a bit stiffer than the other snorkel fins that we offer but there are two vents along the rails which alleviate excess drag by allowing some water to pass through the blade itself. This helps reduce the energy needed during the kick but it also means that every one of your kicks are controlled and productive. The fin straps and patented quick release buckle system are replaceable. These are great snorkel fins for wide feet.

  • - Open heel design to be worn with or without boots

    - Larger foot pocket accomodates wide feet for comfort, up to size 14 EEE

    - Longer blade for a more powerful kick

    - Packaged with mesh bag

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