Snorkel Replaceable Mouthpiece

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- 100% hyperallergenic silicone

- Easy to replace

- Regular, mini or comfort bite offered

  • The Snorkel Replaceable Mouthpiece is made of 100% liquid silicone and the design is ergonomically pre-curved for a more natural fit. It is easy to switch out if your mouthpiece is replaceable on your snorkel. You would need to replace your mouthpiece if the bite tabs are broken or if you get jaw fatigue. Look at your mouthpiece on your snorkel and notice that you might have bitten down a little too much on the snorkel bite tabs, the snorkel will not stay in your mouth without those tabs and your mouthpiece will need to be replaced.

    Many mouthpieces of lesser quality use materials that are made of a hard plastic or PVC. This puts the jaw in an uncomfortable position and is a major reason for jaw fatigue gum irritation. Silicone is more resistant to the elements as well and outlasts mouthpieces made using rubber or PVC. The silicone is hypoallergenic and the design of the mouthpiece is also ergonomic because it is pre-curved for a more natural fit.

    Another reason could be that your mouthpiece is to big or to small. We offer the regular size, which is normally found on all adult snorkels and the mini size. Those with smaller bite radii may want to consider a smaller size mouthpiece which is designed for those with smaller bites.

    We also now offer the adult size in Comfort Bite, adult size. The Comfort Bite Replacement Mouthpiece is designed to greatly reduce this fatigue because it uses a silicone bridge between the wings which is curved to fit along the roof of the mouth. This design means that there is less exertion needed to bite down on it. This mouthpiece will fit snorkels whose outside measurements of the mouthpiece seat are 1.25 inches in width by .75 inches in height. The Comfort Bite mouthpiece uses soft hypoallergenic silicone in its construction which further reduces jaw fatigue. When attached, this mouthpiece, is angled toward the mouth which makes it more ergonomic. This angled feature also means that it is to be used on snorkels only.

  • It is important to understand whether you purchase a snorkel with or without a replaceable mouthpiece. Wear and tear on a snorkel usually occurs with the bite tabs on the mouthpiece itself. This stems from biting too hard on these tabs or from people that have a tendency to grind their teeth. Replacing the mouthpiece is not difficult and our video shows you how it is done. Just pull the old snorkel mouthpiece off and pop the new one on, it is that simple.

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