Tilos Silicone Snorkel Keeper

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- Made of 100% hyperallergenic silicone

- Will easily fit any snorkel with adjustments

- Available in clear

This Silicone Snorkel Keeper really does show that Tilos pays attention to detail when it comes to comfort for the snorkeler. Regular snorkel keepers are usually made of a hard plastic which, when attached to the mask strap, sits directly against the side of the user's head. For many people, this hard chunk of plastic can be uncomfortable. Not to mention the hard plastic does put stress on the mask strap and can easily break.

The design of the Tilos version is completely manufactured using soft and comfortable hypoallergenic silicone. On top of the comfort, it is so easy to install because it buttons on. 

This product is available in either black or clear silicone. Get one today and begin enjoying your snorkeling excursions in even more comfort.Dont forget to purchase a few and take a spare on vacation.

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