ScubaPro Cruiser Snorkeling Vest

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 Snorkel Vest Size Chart  Weight - Pounds  Waist - Inches
 XSmall  85 - 105  24" - 27"
 Small  110 - 135  27" - 31"
 Medium  140 - 165  31" - 35"
 Large  170 - 195  35" - 39"
 XLarge  200 - 230  39" - 43"

  • The ScubaPro Cruiser Snorkeling Vest offers the warmth and protection of a neoprene skin is combined with the functionality of a snorkeling vest. The skin portion (sides and back) consists of a high quality stretchable 3mm neoprene material with a nylon laminate, in the form of a full sleeveless vest style. The neoprene protects against UVA and UVB rays and adds a measure of heat retention by slowing down heat loss from the body core. It also helps to protect against minor cuts and stings from jellyfish by acting as a barrier. Getting in and out of the ScubaPro Cruiser Snorkel Vest is a breeze thanks to the side zipper, which opens fully from under the arm to the bottom for easy donning and doffing. The teeth, slider and pull are made using non corrosive materials, there is a neoprene zipper flap which helps to greatly reduce water transfer through the zipper. The neoprene does add a bit to buoyancy but not enough to keep you from doing surface dives.

    If you need additional buoyancy or just need to lie back and rest, you will enjoy the additional snorkel vest feature. The bright lemon-lime portion of the vest is and an inflatable air cell which uses a nylon laminate polyurethane heat sealed air bladder. Adding air to the bladder is done orally with the flexible oral inflator stem which you can control how much air you want for positive buoyancy. The bladder is attached the neoprene vest at the shoulders which are sewn and by two elastic straps on the lower side portions. The elastic is to allow the vest to inflate away from the neoprene vest itself to avoid squeeze.

    There is a gusseted mesh pocket located at the lower front portion of the bladder which measures 7.75" width x 3" depth, uses a hook and loop closure. A metal locking spin ring guards against accidental deflation. Please read all warnings printed on the back inside portion of the vest prior to actual use. There are five sizes from which you can choose so please consult the Vest Size Chart above, prior to making your selection.

  • - Hi-Vis Yellow color

    - Convenient security pocket

    - Oral inflator tube for extra lift

    - Made of neoprene and nylon

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