Snorkel Whistle for Safety

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- Only 2.75 inches in length

- Flat styling is unobtrusive

- Emits shrill attention getting sound when blown

- Used in water emergency situations

- Lanyard can go on wrist or attach to snorkeling vest

- Orange in color

Measuring only 2.75", this Safety Whistle is perfect for the snorkeler. Whistles have been recognized by water sports safety personnel as both an attention getting device on land and a distress signal in the water. Having this Safety Whistle with you could save your life, if needed. Even if you never use it, it is better to be safe than sorry.

The flat style and angled mouthpiece make it easy to hold. It does feature a quick slip on clip that can be attached to swim trunks or bathing suits. There is also a handy lanyard that can be attached to a snorkeling vest strap or on the oral inflator. The whistle emits a piercing attention getting sound when blown. Please note that the whistle should be used in emergencies only.

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