Replacement Mask Strap

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- Silicone replacement mask strap

- Variety of sizes and colors

- Generic or brand names

  • Nothing can stop your snorkeling adventure faster than a broken mask strap. While many travel destinations do have replacement mask straps, you can purchase but some of the mask manufacturers make their straps, mask specific. This means that a generic strap may not work with your mask. Don't let a broken mask strap turn your snorkeling adventure into a disaster, carry a spare with you while on vacation, it is a wise investment.

    Our replacement straps do include generics but we have included a list of the known masks for which they will fit. The straps all use high quality silicone in their manufacture for flexibility and comfort. The split style replacement straps are great for those with pony tail length hair to allow either a braid or pony tail to go directly through the center of the strap allowing for proper mask strap placement. The slotted strap is suited for those with shorter hair.

    Oceanic Split Replacement Strap

    This is a split strap style that measures 7/8 inches in width by 22 7/8 inches in length. It is available in clear silicone and will fit all Oceanic brand masks. This also fits all Aeris brand masks, Deep See Outlook and Clarity, U.S. Divers St. Tropez and Tilos Fantasia and Ocean Pro Coral masks also.

    Generic Slotted Replacement Strap

    This strap is a generic styling which will fit the same masks as the Oceanic Split Replacement strap and is available in both clear and black silicone. There are two strap widths that are available. One is 3/4 inches and the other is 7/8 inches the length of both widths is 21 inches.

    Generic Split Replacement Strap

    This generic silicone straps are 7/8 inch in width by 20 inches in length and fits the same masks as the Oceanic Split Replacement Strap.

    ScubaPro Split Replacement Strap

    It is always best to measure the width of your strap so you get the correct size. This ScubaPro replacement strap comes in 2 colors and the option of 5/8 inch or 7/8 inch in width. This strap is great for those who want the ScubaPro logo.

    Aqua Lung Sport Silflex Replacement Strap

    This is a split style strap that measures 5/8 inches in width and is 21 inches in length. It does have the Aqua Lung Sport name on the strap but it will also fit U.S. Divers brand masks that accommodate the same strap measurements. The material used in the construction is a combination of silicone and pvc which means it has slightly less stretch that the 100 percent silicone but the material add to the durability. The micro adjust feature means that the ridges used for adjustment are set closer together which means a more personalized fit.

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