Oceanic Sniper Mask

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The Oceanic Sniper Mask is a fantastic low volume style that fits quite a wide variety of facial sizes. The two lens design uses ultra clear tempered glass which is set in a light weight frame and allows for truer color viewing as it is not found with other tempered glass. The skirt is made using 100% silicone which provides superior fit and comfort and has a wide double seal gasket which is what allows it to accommodate various facial shapes and sizes.

The buckle system for the strap are attached directly to the mask skirt rather than the frame which adds to a personalized fit. It is not common but is the reason why the Oceanic Sniper Mask is able to conform to the face so well. It helps by adjusting the skirt itself without having to bring the awkwardness of the frame into the picture. The silicone strap is replaceable and adjustable. The buckles have a push button quick release feature as well. This feature allows the strap to swivel vertically for better strap placement.

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