National Geographic Mask, Snorkel, Split Fins & Mesh Bag

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 Mens  4.5 - 8.5  9 - 13
 Ladies  5.5 - 9.5  10+

  • This National Geographic Snorkeling Set includes the travel friendly Ezkik Fins along with a high quality mask, semi-dry snorkel and mesh bag. The Reef Cruizer 21 Mask is a two window design with tempered glass lenses for your safety. It uses high grade soft and flexible silicone for the mask skirt and for the replaceable strap for that perfect fit each time you use it. The adjustment buckles for the strap are simple to operate.

    The Tunny Snorkel is a semi-dry style with a non-replaceable silicone mouthpiece. The snorkel top is designed to deflect splashed water away from the breathing barrel. The one-way purge valve at the bottom of the snorkel, allows for easy clearing of any water that may have entered. The entire snorkel is curved to follow the curvature of your head which streamlines it making it quite ergonomic.

    The National Geographic Ezkik fins are a compact split blade design which are made to be worn barefoot. These are a strap fin which means one-size fits a multiple range of sizes. The adjustable heel strap is replaceable and is padded which increases comfort on your feet. They are easy to adjust using the push button quick release feature of the buckles. The split blade, which is a Nature's Wing patented technology, means that less energy is required to get yourself moving in the water.

    To keep everything together and ready when you are, we have included a mesh nylon carry bag. It has a corded nylon drawstring closure with a push button slider which keeps it closed when you need it closed. The bag portion is nylon mesh which allows water to drain and air to circulate for faster drying and convenient storage.

  • Reef Cruizer Mask

    - 2 window design

    - Soft silicone skirt and mask strap

    - Tempered glass for safety

    Tunny Semi-Dry Snorkel

    - Ergonomic and streamlined design with semi-dry design

    - Non-replaceable silicone mouthpiece

    - One-way purge valve at base of snorkel

    Ezkik Travel Fins

    - Spit fin design

    - Soft foot pocket with adjustable straps

    Mesh Bag Included

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