McNett Sea Gold Defog

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- Hi concentrated gel

- Non-abrasive, safe for tempered glass lenses

- Non-toxic, biodegradable and alcohol free

- Will not harm surrounding silicone or rubber support frames

- 1.25 ounce bottle

  • If your view of the underwater world is foggy, then you need to clear things up with McNett Sea Gold Anti-Fog which is a highly concentrated gel and has continually been rated as the best defog by Rodales Scuba Diving magazine. Its unique formula means a little bit goes a long way and the squeeze bottle offers excellent controlled dispensing.

    Each container contains 1 1/4 oz of gel and the plastic bottle fits great in a snorkeling vest pocket for easy in field use. It is safe for all tempered glass lenses but it should be noted that this product is not designed for use on plastic lenses as are found in swim goggles. Please read and follow all directions, warnings and cautions found on the bottle before use or watch our videos below.

  • Apply a small amount to inside of mask lens. Rub aggressively with fingertips. Rinse twice immediately. Use only as directed. For new masks, read How to Prepare a New Mask.

    Sea Gold is highly concentrated and is not recommended for use on swim goggles.

  • Caution: Avoid direct contact with eyes. In case of eye contact, flush with fresh water for 15 minutes. Contact physician if irritation persists. Do not overapply. Use only as directed. Not for use on contact lenses or swim goggles. Keep away from children.

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