McNett Sea Buff Mask Cleaner

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- Pre-cleaner for new masks

- Removes residue left by the manufacturer process and dirt, sunscreens, algae and other debris

- Prepares the lens for the first application of defog

- Made in the USA

- 1.25 ounce bottle

New snorkeling masks have an oily residue on their lenses from the manufacturer and if it is not removed, there is no amount of defog or spit that will keep your mask from fogging while in use. McNett Sea Buff is a specially formulated pre-cleaner that safely and carefully removes residue left on the lenses by the manufacturing process. It prepares the surface for the first application of McNett Sea Drops or Sea Gold defog formulas allowing them to work properly. Sea Buff also removes other residue accumulated on masks from use. The plastic squeeze bottle allows you to control dispensing and contains 1 1/4 ounce. Please read and follow directions for use, well as cautions which are printed on the bottle before using the product. Watch our video for proper application.

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