Deep See Clarity Mask with Diopters Optic Lens

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  • The Deep See Clarity Mask is low volume and features a sturdy but light-weight frame with a wide field of vision. The skirt is liquid injection silicone with a double seal to accommodate a wider range of facial sizes. The name, Clarity, is for those who need vision correction can order this with diopter lenses or bifocal lenses of their choice.

    The full diopters are also available starting at -1.5 to -8.0 (in .5 increments) for those who are nearsighted. Now if you are farsighted, go with the diopters that are a +1.5 to +4.0 (in .5 increments).

    All lenses on the Deep See Clarity Mask are tempered glass which is great for snorkelers. We will send the Clarity with the lenses installed and the original non-vision correcting lenses are also included.

  • - Robust but lightweight frame

    - Low volume with excellent field of vision with two lens

    - High quality liquid injection silicone with double sealed skirt

    - Protective plastic box included

    - Skirt measures 4.9"W x 3.9"L (12.5cm x 10.1cm)

    - Optical lenses included, choose from negative or positive diopters

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