Cressi Marea Mask, Dry Snorkel, Palau LAF Fins & Bag

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Will Not Fit Wide Feet, Sorry!

  • The Cressi Marea mask uses high quality soft silicone in its skirt construction and the double feathered edges of the sealing surface allow it to comfortably conform to your facial features. The silicone is clear to allow the most light penetration into the low volume internal viewing area. it is also used in the replaceable strap which features micro-metric adjustment ridges which are more closely spaced than what is found on traditional designs. This gives you a more precise, custom fit. The adjustment buckles are simplistic to operate. Your safety is important which is why the dual lenses are made using tempered glass. They are set into a lightweight low volume frame which is clear with only a splash of color to allow even more illumination of the viewing area.

    The Cressi Dry Snorkel has a profiled splash guard at the top which deflects splashed water away from the air inlet without restricting your inhalation effort. This assures that there is no unexpected and unwanted water rushing down to surprise you. The replaceable mouthpiece is made of soft, hypoallergenic silicone and there is a one way purge valve at the base which makes initial clearing of water extremely easy.

    The LAF fins (Long Adjustable Fin) are the length of conventional open heel style and are made to be worn barefoot. The length varies from size to size but they range from 20.5" for the smallest to 22" for the largest size. The foot pocket material is surprisingly comfortable on bare feet. The side rails of the blade actually channel the water on each kick toward the tips for a more powerful and fluid stroke. The straps are replaceable and simple to adjust.

    This set comes complete with a mesh carry bag which is made using a soft nylon. It measures 32 by 20 inches which is more than enough room for your gear and any essentials you might also want with you. There is a drawstring closure with a push button slider for an added measure of security.

  • Marea Mask

    - Single window design for great visibility

    - Soft hypoallergenic transparent silicone skirt and strap

    - Tempered glass for safety

    Dry Snorkel

    - Total dry, keeps the water out

    - Replaceable silicone mouthpiece

    Palau LAF Fins

    - Open heel strap design, worn barefoot

    - Soft flexible foot pocket for comfort

    - Five Sizes, three colors to choose from

    - Length runs 17-22 inches depending on size

    - Will NOT fit wide feet, sorry

    Mesh Bag Included


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