Cressi Dry Snorkel

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- 100% high quality silicone mouthpiece

- Mouthpiece is replaceable

- Extra large purge valve

The Cressi Dry Snorkel offers great features with a great price. The breathing barrel is more oval shaped which gives it a slightly flattened look and it allows to cut through the water with little resistance. The tube is also curved which conforms ergonomically to the curve of your head which also increases the streamlining effect.

The Cressi Dry Snorkel features a replaceable 100% silicone mouthpiece and has a one-way purge valve that help to expel any water that may have entered through the mouthpiece area prior to initial use. The silicone flex tube allows the snorkel to drop out of the way when not in use. The snorkel keeper has two pieces which allows you to attach and detach, to and from the mask quickly and easily for travel and storage.

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