Snorkeling From a Boat

The most ideal way to snorkel is from a boat and most tropical resort destinations offer some sort of fee based boat tours. Both shore and boat can provide a truly rewarding experience but snorkeling from a boat may have a few more advantages. Boats can transport you to pristine sites which, might not be as readily accessible from shore without involving a long and possibly tiresome surface swim from shore. Questions about the site or any of the marine life can be addressed at the location rather than having to wait till you got back to shore. If there is an emergency, a properly equipped boat will carry an oxygen kit, first aid kit and immediate communication via marine radio regarding weather or medical needs. The Captain and crew will be more familiar with the chosen locations and should (not always) include an orientation of the chosen site(s) prior to entering the water.

Most tour operators will have larger boats to accommodate more people which could be a blessing or a curse. The blessing is that you have the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. The curse is that some of those people are those that you would have preferred not to meet. Whatever the case may be, there are definite rules when you are snorkeling from a boat that need to be followed.

These are the usual and customary procedures and etiquette for snorkeling from a boat there may at times be variations which may be dependent on the type and size of the vessel but while the procedures may change proper etiquette does not.