Snorkel With a Camera or Video

Snorkeling is an adventure that is best when it is shared. One of the most amazing ways to share that adventure is with a camera or video that is designed for in water use. Underwater photos and videos provide a glimpse into a world that is filled with spectacular creatures and majestic landscapes which many have only seen in magazines or television. What makes it so special is that you were there to not only see it, but to experience it. These media memories are far more interesting to share with others than the common "Here's Ed standing by a palm tree" type. In order to create these memories it is important that you have the appropriate equipment to do so. For the purpose of this article the word "camera" is being used to represent all of the various forms of underwater visual media devices.

When researching cameras, you should be aware that there is a definite difference with regard to the words water resistant and waterproof. Water resistant refers to devices that are not affected when water is splashed on them as might happen during a rainstorm. Waterproof means that they can be submerged into a body of water. With this said, you should always choose waterproof versus water resistant. It should also be noted that all underwater cameras have depth ratings. The mere mention of underwater camera equipment to many may illicit thoughts of having to take out a loan but technology has progressed to a point where they have become quite affordable.

No matter what underwater camera you decide to use, make sure that you have read and have fully understood the directions for use prior to taking it in the water. Become familiar with what button does what. How to load and advance film or in the case of digital where the memory card goes. If you have a chance to try out the camera in a pool environment prior to your vacation, by all means do so. It will give you a better feel for the camera and help make you more confident. When you are ready to use your camera on your vacation be aware that it should be secured in a way so it will not end up at the bottom of the ocean. Use of either a wrist lanyard or a retractor is encouraged.

Use the following tips to be able to get the most enjoyment out of using a camera:

Adding underwater photography or videography to your snorkeling adventure can truly enhance your snorkeling experience providing you with memories that will last a lifetime.