Definition of Snorkeling

We have always been drawn to water. The human body even has water as a key ingredient, in fact 50 to 65 percent of the average adult human body is made up of water. Without this ingredient the body would cease to exist and it is a known fact that the average human being can not live without water for more than a week. We need water for our very existence. We drink it (though it should be noted that the water that we ingest for our existence is fresh water as opposed to salt water), we bathe in it, use it for cooking and we even play in it.

If we need fresh water for our existence then why are we drawn to the salt water oceans of this planet? Many who subscribe to the Darwinian concepts may say that it is simply our instincts reminding us of our roots. Others say it is because of our explorative nature. The oceans are so vast and for the most part mysterious and we are drawn because of our inquisitive nature. One way that we are able to satisfy our inquisitiveness is to get in and take a look around. You can either build a submarine or you can do what millions of others do which is to go snorkeling.

What is our definition of snorkeling? It is swimming at the surface of the water with fins, mask and snorkel, which allows you to have your face in the water and still be able to breathe. Sounds easy? It is easy when you have the right snorkel equipment.

What is it like? Imagine yourself flying above coral reefs! Suspended in liquid space! Taking a peek at the other 78% of the planet earth with rainbows of fish below. Yes, we humans have always been drawn to the ocean; it's majesty, its grandeur, it instills a sense of peace and an air of mystery. We, as outsiders looking in, have created wondrous tools which allow us to view this mysterious and peaceful world which lures us back, again and again. Welcome to the rest of your world, we invite you to join us as we explore and guide you into discovering the world beneath the waves!