Best Snorkeling in North America

We would like to take this opportunity show / tell you where the best snorkeling in the world is. Throughout our travels we have been to quite a few destinations and we would like to introduce to you the Best Snorkeling in North America. While we continue to travel the continent, we will add more destinations and continue to modify the articles. If a travel location did not make the list, it was because many factors were taken into consideration. Accessibility and the health of the reefs were very important. While some places say they can accommodate snorkelers, we found that scuba divers were preferred over snorkelers. Can you snorkel off of the shore? Check to see if the excursions are for snorkelers only. Marine life was also a factor in our choices. It had to be both abundant, diverse healthy and awesome. The whale sharks in Holbox, Mexico is a great example of an excellent adventure. The health and well being of the reefs and marine life are factored into this list. Being taken to an area that is touted as the best reef around only to find it bleached out or over-fished can be quite disappointing. Many of the destinations chosen have measures in place that involve marine conservation and areas designated as marine parks which have guidelines set up as to their uses.