Best Snorkeling in Bermuda

When we hear the word Bermuda, they often think of natural beauty and relaxation. This assessment is right on the money. While there are many parks and attractions to explore, the beaches stand out more than anything else. This is thanks to turquoise water, pink sand and rocky or tree-lined backdrops. Many people like to suntan on the beach, but many others will also snorkel. This is an excellent decision considering Bermuda is home to shallow underwater shipwrecks, caves, coral reefs and unique tropical fish. Some of the unique fish you might find while snorkeling in Bermuda include moray eels, octopus, four-eyed butterfly fish, sergeant majors and urchins. However, the list goes on and on. Keep in mind that these are only a few examples and this is why we wrote, the Best Snorkeling in Bermuda.

What makes the best snorkeling in Bermuda easy is that this island is only 21 square miles. That being the case, you can conquer every snorkeling experience available in one vacation. We'll briefly cover the best locations, beginning with the most popular options. The snorkeling in Bermuda is beautiful and soothing. It's recommended for beginners as well as those who have been snorkeling for decades.


Tobacco Bay is popular because it's within walking distance from King's Square. This isn't an easy walk, though. It's about 15 minutes and it's uphill so only attempt it if you're in good shape. Otherwise, use your rental car or take the bus. The snorkeling at Tobacco Bay Beach is excellent because of the superb visibility. That said, you will only get superb visibility if you stay near the rocks. If you swim out, then you're going to notice the visibility worsens with each stroke. There is no need to swim out anyway. If you stay by the rocks, then you will have a chance to spot hogfish, large blue parrotfish, sergeant majors and blue walruses. Some people have also spotted lobsters and snapping turtles. The lobsters are harmless, but if you happen to spot a snapping turtle, it's recommended that you keep your distance. Tobacco Bay Beach has facilities such as restrooms and concessions.


John Smiths Bay is also popular, especially for snorkeling. This is because you can enter the water from anywhere on the beach and find great snorkeling opportunities. However, for best results, enter at the west end of the beach. In this area, you can see reefs more than 20 feet below the surface. Another big selling point for John Smith's Bay is that there is no boat traffic, which makes it calm and peaceful. There are facilities here and there are lifeguards in the summertime.


Snorkel Park is a huge hit for families. The water is always shallow and calm, you can see underwater cannons and caves and there is an underwater snorkeling trail with signs. You're likely to spot hundreds of tropical fish, gray snapper and blue tang. In addition to that, there are two water slides to enjoy. There are facilities here.


Church Bay is a small beach with pink sand and a lot of rocks. You can snorkel close to the shore. It's highly recommended that you do so if snorkeling with family. While the water close to shore is very shallow it gets deep deceptively fast. When snorkeling, you should be able to see tropical fish everywhere. You're most likely to see angelfish and butterfly fish. There are facilities here. There is also an old above-land fort to explore.


Warwick Long Bay is the least crowded of all the beaches listed here. That qualifies it for the best snorkeling in Bermuda. Warwick Long Bay is nearly a half-mile long. Features include pink sand, rocks, caves, rare birds, horseback riding, a playground and shallow reefs. The parrot fish is a common site when snorkeling here, but it's possible to see every type of tropical fish listed above. There are facilities here.

By Roy Jamason

Updated August 1, 2015

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