About Us

SnorkelingOnline.com was created in 2008 as a division of its parent company Visibility Unlimited which has been in existence since 1989. It was learned that searching for quality snorkeling equipment on the internet usually ended up frustrating people as they had to wade through tons of scuba related equipment before finding the items they needed. The decision to create the site was with the idea that snorkelers needed a place on the web that was devoted entirely to their desires and lifestyle.

Through careful and exhaustive research with various manufacturers, products were selected for us which were deemed representative of the snorkeling community at large. Items chosen were, and continue to be, of the highest quality of materials and excellence in workmanship. In addition to the outstanding product offerings, our blogs were written to personalize the site as well as to reinforce our commitment to you. Our expert advice articles and websites detail product use and general information, have been well-received by novice and seasoned snorkelers alike for their honest, enlightening, educative and often entertaining approaches. Our expertise in all things is not confined solely to our website as we share it using the various avenues of social media including Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. While others are striving to be a one stop internet shop, we are constantly adding new products, manufacturers, articles and videos, so you will want to come back often.

It is our hope as well as our dream to provide snorkelers worldwide with a website that addresses and encompasses their unique needs and desires. Our staff is committed to that dream and it is their promise to provide the quality of service that you, the customer, not only want, but deserve both now and in the future. This commitment is representative of what is also found at our retail facility which is located 20 miles southwest of Chicago, Illinois. Whether it is on the phone, via e-mail, chat, social media or even in person, our mission statement says it all.


The mission of SnorkelingOnline.com is to be the world's leading retailer and provider of all your Snorkeling requirements. We strive daily to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers by supplying the highest quality equipment, the most comprehensive educational information and 100% guaranteed service. Using the combined passion and knowledge of our professional staff, we will continue to exceed and captivate customer experiences while developing an enthusiastic appreciation and respect for the underwater world.