If anyone needs exposure protection while in the water, it would have to be your kids. The exposure protection includes shorty style wetsuits and kids boots. While the shorties help to slow down the heat loss speed in the water, the boots will protect their tender tootsies on the land and in the water. These items are specifically designed with kids in mind and parents will appreciate the quality and effectiveness while the kids will appreciate the comfort they provide and how cool they they look when they have them on. It is important for a child to be just as comfortable as an adult and our accessories add comfort while enhancing your child's adventure. From strap wrappers to keep the whining down to fish I.D. bracelets to keep the joy up, the kids will be all smiles with their new snorkeling accessories. Teach your child on how to defog their mask, have them watch our Snorkeling Video from Bonaire.

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