US Divers Phoenix Dry Snorkel with Whistle

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- Dry top uses silicone flapper valve

- Integrated flip up emergency whistle

- Streamlined elliptical tube

- One-way purge valve at snorkel base

- Soft silicone replaceable mouthpiece

The US Divers Phoenix Dry Snorkel is perfect for all of your snorkeling adventures. The dry top feature a silicone flapper valve in addition to a one way purge valve at the base of the snorkel to make sure that no water gets into the breathing barrel should it become completely submerged while in use. The ergonomic design has an elliptical barrel and curves the snorkel to follow the natural curvature of the head to keep it streamlined. The snorkel uses a soft grade of silicone in the replaceable mouthpiece helps reduce jaw fatigue.

This snorkel has a very unique feature that shows that its designers were thinking of the user in relationship to the product. They incorporated an emergency whistle on the snorkel that is located just below the mouthpiece. The whistle lays flat to keep it streamlined but is easily flipped up by the user if it is needed. This is used for emergency purposes only and its piercing sound will get the attention of those who hear it.

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